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EcoEquitable is a not-for-profit with the mission of empowering immigrant women in Canada through skills training and thus easing their transition to employment, all the while greening our community.


In 2001, it was fate – a sewing machine was graciously donated to Lucile Champagne. Despite its initial lack of need, the machine inevitably found itself in the basement of Heartwood House. Spontaneously, two volunteers gathered to check its conditions while dreaming of sewing costumes for the upcoming Grand Opening of Heartwood House. Days passed, and the women found themselves in the space, compiling fabric donations and dreaming of great things.

It began as a passion project. There was buzz about fabric, about colours, about clown costumes. Other donations began accumulating – as did the excitement among the volunteers.  It occurred to Lucile that she was being called to join the group. Seeing the women supporting one another and acting in solidarity, the project spoke to her. As the volunteers expressed, “Here, we are fulfilling dreams. Each person brings what they are. Here, we build things together. Here, we have a future.”

Since September 2001, women from every country have seized the opportunity to join together and believe again in a future full of hope. Since then, EcoEquitable and immigrant women have built a new world, an inclusive world, a place of cooperation where each person learns, is healed, celebrates and produces according to their creativity, their engagement and their motivation.

In 2013, Heartwood House moved its location to McArthur Avenue and for EcoEquitable that meant more space to grow and opportunity to bring more women together. Today, EcoEquitable continues to act as a bridge between social and economic integration for women in need.

“From today, it is to grow with the grandeur of the universe, to celebrate the transformations that make us more human.  It is the music that comes from the heart.” – Lucile Champagne


EcoEquitable has developed several business lines to financially support the charitable work that we do.  EcoEquitable provides contract sewing services for small designers and businesses.  We sew conference bags and promotional materials.  We also help designers develop their vision and translate it into full collections.  We also offer intermediate and advanced sewing workshops to the public.

EcoEquitable has a fabric boutique where we sell recycled fabrics and finished products.  We sell recycled materials and products made from them.  We are located at 404 McArthur Avenue in Ottawa, Ontario.


It’s an important word. For newcomers to Canada, it means long-term fiscal independence; and for the environment, it means a society living within its means.
Either way, sustainability translates into hope for the future. And at EcoEquitable, that is our sole mission.

For the past ten years, we’ve provided employment and skills training for new immigrant women and underemployed, while diverting harmful waste from our landfills. With your help, we will continue for many years to come.

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