Getting Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved with EcoEquitable!

1. Sign up for our newsletter.  Get the news first - new dates for fabric sales, new courses, updates from EE and all that good stuff.

2. Donate to our cause.  We appreciate all donations.  Cash is nice.  We also love fabric, sewing machines (both domestic and industrial ones), notions, and many other items.

3. Buy something from us!  We are a social enterprise.  That means that we create beautiful items from new and recycled textiles.  You can buy from us online.

4. Promote us: Facebook like us, Twitter follow us, Instagram follow us, send our newsletter link to your friends and generally insert EcoEquitable into every conversation that you possibly can. It's fun!

5. EcoEquitable is constantly in need of volunteers, from teaching assistants in the classroom to boutique salespeople, translators, board members and more. To lend your time please fill out the volunteer application form or contact us at