Ottawa Mask

“The Ottawa Mask”- Designed with Safety and Sustainability in mind

The Ottawa Mask is a high-performance re-usable mask co-developed by CHEO, Dessius and EcoEquitable.


CHEO fundraiser

Proceeds from the sale will go to CHEO.   If you want to donate separately to CHEO please visit the foundation site.


High-performance mask origin story

Masks have been identified as important for reducing transmission of COVID. While of unquestionable value, unfortunately many masks either fail to effectively filter out the virus (poor filtration efficiency) or allow large quantities of air to leak around the mask (poor fit). This has forced individuals to either accept using cloth masks with low performance or purchasing medical grade disposable surgical masks. The consequence of these decisions being either an increased risk of infection or contributing to the high volume of mask waste accumulating in the environment and landfills. At the beginning of the pandemic, CHEO researchers believed Ottawa needed a mask that was both reusable and high-performing and partnered with Dessuis and EcoEquitable.

What sets the Ottawa Mask apart? Safety and sustainability

Particle filtration:  Recognizing the problem with poorly quality masks, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) recently released specifications for community (consumer) masks. The ASTM suggested that a high performing, or level 2, mask must meet or exceed 50% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) when tested at 0.1 microns. The Ottawa mask well exceeds the 50% target, reaching up to 88% prior to laundering.


Washable/Re-usable: Importantly, the Ottawa Mask was designed to maintain high PFE  after sterilization with soap and water. Testing demonstrated the Ottawa Mask PFE to be 72 - 77% after x30 and x50 washes.


Mask fit and comfort:  Fit has been shown to be a significant factor in mask effectiveness. The Ottawa Mask has been through multiple rounds of testing, including input from dozens of CHEO health care providers. Designed with a moldable nose bridge and adjustable head strap the Ottawa Mask is not only comfortable, but able to effectively reduce the proportion of inhaled air that bypassed the filter. Quantitative fit testing performed at CHEO has demonstrated that by forcing air through the filter, the Ottawa Mask is able to achieve results similar to single use surgical masks designed for health care.

Purchasing the Ottawa Mask is about CONFIDENCE, PROTECTION & SUSTAINABILITY?

  • CONFIDENCE you are wearing a high performing mask that reduces risk of infection  
  • PROTECTING your community from disease transmission
  • SUSTAINABLE consumption with less waste for land-fill and maintains integrity with washing


- materials are safe for contact with skin
- no restricted substances used in fabric treatments
- testing was not performed on animals but rather on chemical analysis
- easy to adjust
- can engage in low to moderate exercise with sufficient airflow (high intensity exercise is not recommended with a mask)
- breathability was tested


Sizes available: 

Youth: Generally fits children.  The WHO suggests that children over 5 should wear masks.

Small/Medium: Generally fits adolescents and women and people with narrower faces.

Large/XL: Generally fits men and people with wider faces.

This mask can be purchased online through this website or through Kardish Health Food Stores in person 

More information here on the FAQ 

This product has amazing interest.  We are fulfilling orders as quickly as possible while maintaining safety protocols!  We are currently backordered, but are producing as quickly as possible. Our currently delivery time frame is 15 days Thank you for your patience and kindness.