Our Eco Fabric Boutique

One of our main social enterprise programs is our Eco Fabric Boutique. We accept unsewn fabric donations, either pre-cut pieces or rolls, and divert them from going to waste. We strongly believe in repurposing materials that might be otherwise sent to landfills. Future generations deserve a planet that is healthy and sustainable!

We trust that our efforts will help to minimize the hundreds of millions of pounds of textile waste that wind up in landfills each year. On average, we accept and re-sell approximately 10,000 pounds of fabric per year.

We not only help the environment with this initiative, but we also benefit our community by providing our students with all the materials they need for their sewing training, and we also offer our community an alternative to get standard and premium fabrics at discounted and accessible prices.

The purpose of having a brick and mortar Eco Fabric Boutique is to offer an inclusive and welcoming physical place for anyone who has a passion for sewing, fashion, textiles, or is interested in immersing themselves in this beautiful and creative world of sewing!

Boutique hours are Monday to Friday from 10AM-2PM. We look forward to seeing you! No appointment necessary.


The Eco Fabric Boutique is made possible by generous donors in our community. All the fabrics and sewing supplies are donated by home sewers and local businesses. Our aim is to keep textiles out of the landfill by putting them in the hands of enthusiastic and creative sewists in our community who will repurpose them. Thank you for supporting us!