Needle Felting Basics - Make Your Own Felted Bookmark

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In this fun one day workshop you will learn a completely new and interesting skill with a lovely instructor, Barbara. She is happy to share what she has learned on her felting journey with you.

You will make a needle felted bookmark (2-D wool painting) that you can take home. Barbara supports you to follow the roadmap step by step easily. The proposed inspiration is meadows, hills and sky to illustrate different depths and your creativity. You can add your own touches by adding sheep and/or patches of flowers and/or trees and bushes.

You will learn:

  • Introduction of 3 types of felting (needle felting, wet felting, Nuno felting)with emphasis on needle felting
  • Overview of the types of fibers that can be used in felting with emphasis on the fibers used for needle felting.
  • Overview of the mechanism of how loose wool is manipulated to become felted.
  • Overview of various terms used in needle felting; overview of tools used in needle felting (needles, pads, finger protectors, etc)
  • Overview of the two types of needle felting (2-D wool paintings and 3-D objects) 

All proceeds from EcoEquitable's public sewing and textile courses go towards our mission of empowering women with sewing skills and building connection and community; and supporting our local circular economy by redistributing fabric and sewing tools. We thank you for joining and supporting us! 


Date: Saturday, June 15th from 10am-1pm

About your Instructor: Barbara has always been a crafty person however she had to put most crafting, especially involving pointy things and paint, aside while raising her kids and working. Now that she is retired, she has the time to explore old and new hobbies. She says new because she started needle felting in December 2023. She had loads of questions so she did a lot of research on Google and YouTube as well as making felted items to practice what she learned.She finds needle felting very calming and satisfying. There is something very “zen” and “being in the moment” with repeatedly needling wool to create works of art. She is excited to share her new passion with you.

Length of Program: 1 class
LOCATION: 404 McArthur Avenue, Unit "D" (end unit in the strip mall)  
Max class size: 8
Min class size: 4

*We require a minimum of 5 people to run the course otherwise it may be cancelled. Please see our updated Refund and Cancellation Policy below for more information.


Required: Students must bring the following supplies to workshop:

  • A picture of a meadow landscape that inspires you.
  • One or two needle felting needle(s). A 38 gauge triangular needle is a good all round starter needle. If you find a package that does not indicate the gauge then it is most likely what would be classified as a medium needle which is OK.
  • A needle felting pad that is at least 1.5 to 2 inches thick. It could be a piece of foam, a sponge, a wool pad or a burlap felting mat filled with rice

Please note: You can purchase felting needles and pads at some local stores such as Wabi-Sabi wool store (Wellington St West), The Real Wool Shop (Carleton Place) and Michaels stores (check online for availability). You can also purchase them on Amazon and Etsy.

You can find samples' links for each one below: 

Needle felting Kit similar to this or that

Needle felting Pad similar to thisthis or that

Supplies provided:

  • Various colors of wool
  • Template for bookmark 


  • If you are purchasing/registering this class on behalf of someone else, please include their name, phone number and email address in the "NOTES" box of the checkout page. Thank you!
  • EcoEquitable Inc. is committed to comply and exceed the requirements and recommendations of Ottawa Public health and to put in place all necessary measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. While masks are no longer mandatory, we recommend wearing a mask while in-class. In addition, all individuals who enter our programs are encouraged to:
    • Wash your hands frequently
    • Bring and use hand sanitizer 
    • Clean your workstation before and after class

Refund and Cancellation policy:

  • EcoEquitable requires a notice of cancellation via email in order to process a refund.
    • For written notice of cancellation 3 or more weeks before the class start date, EcoEquitable will refund the class fee minus a $20 administrative fee.
    • For written notice of cancellation 1 week or more before the class start date, EcoEquitable will refund 50% of the class fee.
    • Cancellations less than 7 days before the class is set to start are non-refundable, unless there is a waitlist for the course and we are able to fill the spot.
  • If the minimum number of students do not register, EcoEquitable reserves the right to cancel the class. Students will be notified via email with 48 hours notice of any class cancellations and will be eligible for a full refund.