SafeTube EcoEquitable Product

This tube also acts as a lab-tested mask. The tube contains 3 layers and a filter that can be washed up to 50 times with maintained filtration efficiency using mechanical nano-filtration capacity. Inner layer is Oeko-Tex Certified fabric. Top-drawstring ensures good fit over nose. Bottom drawstring ensures restricted airflow and maintains compliance with International transport and Domestic transport requirements as well as Health Canada and CDC).

SafeTube is a partnership between EcoEquitable and Dessius Consulting, a fibre science and consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta.



S/M: 61.5 cm circumference, height: 30.5 cm

L/XL 66.5cm circumference, height: 30.5 cm

Youth 58.5cm circumference, height: 26.5 cm

Colour options: Black, Nightfall Purple, and Denim Blue.  

Adjustable drawcord at top for appropriate fit at nose. Adjustable elasticized drawcord or elastic only at bottom for better fit and safety performance under the chin.


Product Features:

  • Our results: prior to laundering 88% PFE
  • After x30 and x50 washes: 77-82% PFE
  • Machine washable: delicate wash, warm water, hang to dry or regular wash in a laundry bag, warm water, hang to dry
  • Adjustable around the nose for a good seal
  • Elasticized or adjustable at the neck
  • Compliant with international transport requirements, including Transport Canada
  • Tested for comfort during indoor activities and outdoor sports and activities
  • Fashionable and highly functional
  • Reduces fogging of glasses and ski goggles
  • Insulative for cooler weather and yet comfortable indoors
  • Next to skin from European-milled fabric is Oeko Tex 100 certified
  • Fabrics are selected for safety at NEXT to AIRWAY
  • Drawcord locks can be adjusted while keeping gloves or mittens on
  • Safety feature for children to prevent accidental strangulation (youth size)
  • Easy to adjust, move and keep securely in place
  • Chemicals reviewed for restricted substances
  • European-milled fabric next to skin was developed to allow for greater moisture movement and quick drying
  • Reviewed for skin sensitization
  • Conducted extensive wash and wear testing for: comfort, performance, skin irritation 

Anticipated first ship date is December 1st, 2020.