More women come to Canada each year searching for a way to contribute to their new community

We decided to take fabric destined for landfills and upcycle it to everyday products. Women learn the sewing skills to take reused fabrics from raw materials to fashionable goods. And along the way, woman gain their independence.

Support a worthy cause

Of fabric saved yearly

Since 2002 we have believed in giving a new purpose to materials that would have been thrown away. Future generations deserve a planet that is healthy and teeming with life.

Independent women

Giving a newcomer woman the skills to become a master seamstress teaches them how to take unwanted fabric and create something beautiful. A skill they can use to support their families.

Transforming business

We are showing the world a better, more inclusive way to conduct business. A team of women working together in a supportive community can become business giants.

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Megan Duffield
Fashion Designer

We just received the bags and we absolutely LOVE it! They totally embrace UNESCO’s ideals of social inclusion and sustainable development ….AND they look fantastic! Our delegates from across the world will surely appreciate them.

Joëlle Tremblay

In my country, we don’t really get to express ourselves as much. I was not used to it, but I am learning to speak up and tell my ideas and there is nothing wrong with that. This program is not just about sewing, it is about life and learning how things are done in Canada.

Rocio Guzman
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One-of-a-kind products made with beautifully designed nylon flags.
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Fabric, thread, and used sewing machines all help our programs thrive.
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Think you could be a teaching assistants? What about selling in the boutique? Or, maybe you have a talent for translating? Perhaps you would be a great board member?

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

– Mother Teresa

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