Donating Fabric and Sewing Materials

Donations are currently being accepted at our office location by appointment only.

Since 2002 we have believed in giving a new purpose to materials that would have been thrown away. Future generations deserve a planet that is healthy and teeming with life. Thanks for supporting us by donating your unused fabric and seeing tools.
Part of the Materials and fabrics, are distributed to our students enrolled in our social program Sewing for Jobs, the remaining items, are sold in our in-site boutique to the public at very affordable prices; all proceeds go towards our Sewing for Jobs program.

All donated items must meet all our donation guidelines. If you have questions about your donation  or you can’t find a date that work for you please contact us, we'll be happy to assist you.

If you are donating a heavy item, if possible please bring someone to help you to unload the item, if it’s not possible, don’t worry, we’ll be happy to help you. 

Please click the button below to schedule a Donation Drop-off



We DO accept: 

  • Fabric must be clean, non-sewn and in good condition
  • Fabrics of all kinds that are 1 meter +
  • Sewing related supplies: rotary cutters, cutting mats, scissors, quilting materials, patterns with all their pieces
  • Notions
  • Dress-forms

If you would like to donate a domestic or industrial sewing machine, they must be in working condition, please review the guidelines below: 

1. Machines must be in great working condition and should come with all their main parts (power cord, foot pedal, bobbin case and bobbin)
2. Provide a sewing sample showing the stitches that it can make
3. Owners manual if still available, and accessories if some
4.  Due to lack of space, we cannot accept any machines that are in cabinets

It's hard to say "no thank you" to a donation when those donations would help to fund our sewing programs. However, we do need to turn away some items for being non-recyclable or we cannot use them for our sewing programs.

What we cannot accept:

– Clothing (new or used)
– Partially assembled projects
– Bedding, tablecloths, towels or curtains
– Scrap remnants (including upholstery samples)
– Embroidery, weaving, macrame materials and tools
– Craft materials (pipe cleaners, glue, construction paper)
– Sewing cabinets or other sewing furniture

EcoEquitable is a small organization. Please be mindful of our requirements when donating.

If you have a large quantity of fabric to donate (more than 8 large bags or totes), please contact us at info (at) ecoequitable (dot) ca

EcoEquitable is a registered charity and can offer tax receipts.

For donations of over $1,000, the CRA requires the donation to come with an independent appraisal of the donation value (ie. receipts or independent verification).  Please contact us at the time of donation to ensure that we get everything in order.

Charitable tax receipts will only be issued if the donation meets our requirements for usable textiles. All donations will be checked by staff before donation will be accepted.


Online Donations is the country’s leading donation vehicle for the non-profit community. To make a secure one-time online contribution, or to setup a monthly donor plan, please click here.

Cheque or Money Order

Please make cheques payable to:
EcoEquitable Inc.
404 McArthur, Suite #200
Ottawa, ON
K1K 1G8