Sewing For Jobs

Sewing For Jobs - Where We Sew a Better Story


Picture taken by Kathleen Reichelt from United Way.

Sewing for Jobs is a sewing training program created to equip newcomers, women experiencing barriers to employment, or individuals interested in entering the textile industry with the necessary skills to thrive.

Our Sewing For Jobs program is designed by EcoEquitable Instructors and takes place at our headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario. Our comprehensive curriculum provides students with sewing skills and the basics of business entrepreneurship in order to provide employment opportunities in the textile and fashion industries upon graduating the program. Sewing For Jobs courses range from beginner-levels through to advanced sewing, including optional advanced specialties such as Industrial Sewing and Alterations.

We are proud that the Sewing for Jobs program is an "United Way Poverty to Possibility" Award Winner!


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Please note: We are currently processing applications for the September 2023 semester. We encourage individuals to apply today through the form below, however your application may not be reviewed until closer to our February 2024 semester. Thank you for your patience and interest!