Our Partners

We have partnered with local organizations and businesses in many different ways, and are always looking to connect more with our community! We offer collaboration opportunities through our Impact Partnerships, our Job Referral Program, events such as our Annual Circularity Fair and Community Repair Cafés, as well as through Individual Donations.

Do you have an idea for a collaboration with EcoEquitable? Contact us today and ask about one of the options below, or let us know what your unique proposal is!

Impact Partners

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EcoEquitable Inc. gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Ottawa / EcoEquitable Inc. remercie sincèrement la Ville d’Ottawa de son soutien financier.

EcoEquitable is funded by the Government of Canada under the Community Services Recovery Fund / EcoEquitable est financé par le gouvernement du Canada sous le Fonds de relance des services communautaires.

Job Referral Program



Our Job Referral Program creates post-graduation employment opportunities for graduates of our Sewing For Jobs program. You can contact us and see examples of past projects sewn for community organizations on our Job Referral Program page.



Annual Circularity Fair 

In October 2022, we held Ottawa's first ever Circularity Fair, a day to celebrate both
In October 2022, we held Ottawa's first ever Circularity Fair, a day to celebrate both Circular Economy Month and local organizations and businesses who have an environmentally sustainable ethos.  With this year's successful launch, we aim to host every October! 
If your organization has an environmental ethos and is interested in being a vendor at our 2024 Circularity Fair, email marketing@ecoequitable.ca for more information!


                                       JC Sharpening. 

Community Events

EcoEquitable is always looking for new, creative ways to collaborate with our Community! We have participated in events such as Repair Cafés and Guild meetings to sell fabric and stitch both garments and connections. 

Ottawa Quilter's Guild 




Our team sold quilting cotton squares at the Ottawa Quilters' Guild this year, and we were so happy with all of the connections that we made! We sell quilting cotton in our Eco Fabric Boutique Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm, as well as at our own Monthly Fabric Sales, held most often on weekends. 


Repair Cafés


 We actively partner with local organizations to run Repair Cafés + Fabric Sales. These events create opportunities for community members to bring their clothes, household items, and more to a central city location to be mended and fixed for free! We typically sell fabric squares while we repair, which make for great additions for clothes mending!



Individual Donors


As a nonprofit charitable organization, EcoEquitable appreciates donations of any kind. We appreciate both financial and in-kind donations of fabric, notions, and sewing machines and we want to say thank you to all of our donors!

Each of these donations has allowed us to increase our capacity as an organization as we move towards our dual purpose of textile waste reduction and women's empowerment. 



Jayne            Eric               S. Elizabeth          Jenna               Michael

Bruce            Erin                Leah                    Brian                Amelia

Susan           Chris              Rebeccah            Jjanet               Gordon        

Heather        Paul                Nelson                 Mary                 Susan        

Alex              George           Victoria                Ivone                 Adriano        

Mante          Monica            Helen                   Elizabeth           Valerie               

David           Ingrid               Diane                   Marjorie             Sabine                                                                   

To become a donor, visit our Donate page.