Ottawa Mask FAQ

Wash Instruction: Wash your mask in cool/cold water only and hang dry.  Heat will damage your mask. 

Wash Frequency: Wash your mask after 8 hours of wear.  If this is a day at work, wash it then.  If this is all your errands for a week, wash it once per week.



Adult S/M

Adult L/XL

Child/ Youth

Cord Locks

Height (Flat)

17 cm

18 cm

16 cm

All 3 sizes have x1 cord lock; cord lock is on the bottom elastic area.

Length (Flat)

23.5 cm

24.5 cm

20.5 cm

Drawcord Channel Height

5 cm

5 cm

4 cm






Ear-loops/alternate ways to wear the mask: There are three ways to wear your mask:

  1. Both bands over the head, cord lock tightened to make it comfortable.  
  2. One band around the neck, and the other under the chin and around the ears which creates earloops (see image below or online). 
  3. You can cut the bands to make ear-loops.  This isn't a great option because once the ear-loops are cut, there is only one way to wear them.  You can access the tutorial here on Instagram.


Alternate Mask Wearing

Fit has been shown to be a significant factor in mask effectiveness. Our masks have been through multiple rounds of testing, including input from dozens of CHEO health care providers.

Designed to maintain high Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) after sterilization with soap and water. Testing demonstrated the Ottawa Mask PFE to be 72-77% after x30 and x50 washes.

Stop using one-time use masks. With the Ottawa Mask, you'll be able to keep using your mask - with regular washing. Save the medical masks for frontline workers.

Please note: The Ottawa mask project has been put on hold until further notice. Please subscribe to our newsletter to know when they return!

Returns and Exchanges: All mask orders are final sale. we do not accept returns or exchanges once your order has shipped out.

For further questions email:

Delivery: All orders are shipped out by Canada Post.



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