Dan Rutabingwa Gakire - Board DirectorDan in a circular frame.

Dan, a highly motivated environmental scientist and climate change advocate, holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Manitoba. With a proven track record of successful environmental initiatives and volunteer work, Dan is dedicated to protecting our planet and promoting sustainable practices. Dan has gained professional experience as a Climate Action Organizer at the Climate Action Alliance in Ottawa, where he provided expert training to environmental groups on effective climate change action, and mobilized groups to put pressure on the federal government to prioritize climate action.

Dan has also worked as a Climate Change Intern at SFH in Rwanda, where he facilitated workshops in rural areas on recycling and waste management, as well as led a recycling and waste management project that resulted in monetary benefits for the company. As an Environmental Justice Volunteer at the Canadian Coalition for Environmental and Climate Justice, Dan conducts research and responds to current environmental racism issues in Canada; contributes to awareness raising campaigns concerning the expected impacts of climate change; and works to identify ways to embed environmental justice in education curricula. With a passion for environmentalism and climate change advocacy, Dan is committed to making a positive impact on the world through his work and volunteerism.

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