Faezeh Maleki - Program Coordinator, Employment & SewingFaezeh in a circular frame

Faezeh Maleki, born in Iran in 1999, displayed exceptional artistic talent from an early age, earning numerous accolades. Following her passion, she pursued a degree in printing and textile designing, establishing herself as a proficient textile and fashion designer in her homeland.

Her dedication to her artworks took her to international exhibitions in London, UK, where she successfully showcased her creations. However, her desire to explore the world and build connections with diverse communities drove her decision to migrate, ultimately leading her to EcoEquitable.

Volunteering with this nonprofit organization introduced Faezeh to a whole new world of enriching experiences. The positive energy and camaraderie among the team at EcoEquitable created a supportive environment that felt like a second family.

For Faezeh, working with EcoEquitable transcends mere career aspirations. She finds immense fulfillment in helping individuals develop their skills and sense of belonging in society, empowering them to lead more meaningful lives. This deep commitment to making a positive impact reinforces her belief that she's on the right path, motivating her to give her best effort in everything she undertakes.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Faezeh cherishes the moments spent in Ottawa, especially watching sunsets from Parliament Hill overlooking the river. In her leisure time, she takes delight in reading, continuous learning, and indulging in movies.

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