Sara Zohairy, Instructor, Sewing for Jobs

Unlike other designers and sewists, Sara was not dying to make her way into fashion since her childhood. However, fashion made its way to her! Being a dentist, with a post-graduate diploma in public health from Egyptian Universities, Sara never found what expresses her identity in clothing stores. That is when she started taking sewing courses.
Her story with EcoEquitable started in 2019, several months after her immigration to Canada; and has continued ever since. Sara began as a student in Sewing for Jobs, a program that inspired her to join Richard Robinson fashion design academy for a fashion designer diploma. Then, returning shortly after to carry on with her sewing courses at Eco. Finally, and currently, as a Sewing for Jobs instructor-in training.
Sara’s expertise in this industry comes from working with a local designer in Ottawa, working in upholstery and making custom-made and production orders for customers. Apart from designing and sewing, Sara enjoys spending time with her family and kids.