Anne Biason-Hart (she/her) - Communications and Impact Coordinator

Anne is our new Communications and Impact Coordinator here at EcoEquitable. During her studies, Anne focused heavily on the topics of migration, transnationalism, and sustainability. She participated in an internship at The Rediscovery Centre, Ireland’s centre for the Circular Economy, where she learned the foundations of sustainable textiles research. Inspired by her time at The Rediscovery Centre, Anne spent the last year of her undergrad researching Canada’s textile industry, and how it could be made more sustainable. She has been involved in many local, environmental movements including four repair cafés, delegating against the 413 highway, and doing clothing repairs for folks in the Ottawa area. Anne is also the Director of Communications with the Women's Environmental Sustainability Network of Ottawa (WESNO), where she plays a key role in organizing and promoting networking events for those who are in the sustainability sphere of Ottawa.

In her spare time, Anne enjoys reading, creative writing, and sewing while listening to audiobooks or Taylor Swift. Her favourite Ottawa activity is riding her bike around the city.

Anne was a volunteer with EcoEquitable for a year, and is so excited to now be a part of Eco’s staff team. She is passionate about the development of a circular economy for Canada, and she is determined to communicate how important EcoEquitable is to that movement.


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